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About our Susu Bags

These handmade Susus were woven by the women of the Wayuu tribe, an indigenous group located in the Goajiran Peninsula between Venezuela and Colombia.

Commonly referred to as Goajiras, the Wayuu have been weaving Susus for centuries. As legend has it, the Wale Keru, or the spider, first taught the women to sew threads into drawings known as the Ruluma. The women would then mend and weave the threads into mochilas.

Passed down to Wayuu women at puberty, the art of weaving Susu bags is a rite of passage known as "The Whitening".

These centuries-old practices help inspire the weaver as she embarks upon creating her bag.






















About Susu Style, LLC.

Susu Style is a Limited Liability Corporation. All Susu Bags are created by Wayuu women, and all revenues benefit the Wayuu women and their programs. While initially the Wayuu Taya Foundation started this venture to empower the Wayuu Women, Susu Style, LLC. is no longer affiliated with nor represented by the Wayuu Taya Foundation.

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